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Volcano Digit

4 599 kr
Volcano Digit - The Best Stationary Vaporizer
Volcano Digit - Den bästa stationära vaporizern på marknaden! Volcano Digit - Easy Valve Tillbehör inkluderade Volcano Digit - Solid Valve Tillbehör inkluderade Volcano Digit - Den bästa stationära vaporizern på marknaden!
4 599 kr
4 599 kr

Vi garanterar dig marknadens senaste/nyaste vaporizer versioner. Vi tog emot detta lager av Volcano Digit den 10 Jan. 2017.

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Den digitala vaporizern Volcano Digit har varit den bästa vaporizern pengar kan köpa i snart ett decennium. Med en extremt noggrann temperaturkontroll och ett ballongfyllnadssystem som alla kan använda har den satt ribban högt för andra elektriska vaporizers att matcha. Genom att forcera uppvärmd luft genom din aromterapiblandning kan Volcano Digit frigöra de aktiva ingredienserna utan att förbränna blandningen vilket leder till helt giftfri vapor som är upp till 4 gånger så effektivt som rökning!

Volcano Digit skiljer sig från Storz & Bickels andra modell Volcano Classic på tre punkter; den digitala LED-displayen, den ännu mer exakta temperaturkontrollen och den automatiska avstängningsfunktionen. Genom att välja Volcano Digit som din vaporizer garanterar du dig själv en vaporupplevelse av högsta klass vid varje användning.

Finns tillgänglig med Easy Valve eller Solid Valve. (Läs Valve-guiden för att lära dig om skillnaderna)


  • Stor digital LED-display
  • Avancerat lufttemperatur kontrollsystem
  • Värmeblock av aluminium
  • Högpresterande värmepatron
  • Stark membranpump
  • Utvecklad och tillverkad i Tyskland
  • Elektromagnetisk design för utökad hållbarhet
  • Automatisk avstängningsfunktion
  • 3 års garanti
  • Inkluderar Solid eller Easy Valve kit


Tillbehör (Inkluderade):

  • Fyllnadskammare
  • Ballongkit (Solid eller Easy Valve)
  • 6 st. vanliga filter
  • Grinder
  • Rengöringsborste
  • Vätskedyna för vaporizering av oljor
  • Luftfilterkit
  • Instruktionsmanual



Den i särklass viktigaste funktionen som gör Volcano Digit till en vaporizer av världsklass är ballongsystemet dit den genererade vaporn pumpas. Efter att vaporn fyllt ballongen kan den helt vara helt fristående och separerad från vaporizern.


Basen av Volcano Digit består av en putsad metallkärna och alla inkluderade tillbehör är tillverkade av smaklösa livsmedelssäkrade material. Både den högpresterande värmepatronen och den kraftfulla membranpumpen kan stå upp mot krävande påfrestningar. En separat temperatursäkring, luftfilter och ljuddämpare ingår i Volcano Digit som ett specifikt designat värmeblock av aluminium vilket innebär att luften rent och tillförlitligt kan nå den önskade temperaturen.



Volcano Digit har en stor och tydlig digital LED-display som utan fördröjning visar användaren information om uppvärmningens status, både den önskade temperaturen och arbetstemperaturen. Temperaturen i Volcano Digit kan ställas in till mellan 40 °C och 230 °C med en exakt temperaturkontroll och den har också ett internt luftreningssystem vilket gör den till det självklara förstavalet för alla vaporentusiaster.


Uppvärmningsprocessen sker mycket tyst tack vare ljuddämpningen och genom sin konsekventa prestanda har Volcano Digit nått en nivå som inte matchas av någon annan stationär vaporizer. När de tyska ingenjörerna designade Volcano Digit blev resultatet den mest teknologisk avancerade vaporizern som ohotad har dominerat marknaden för elektriska vaporizers det senaste decenniet.



Alla Volcano Digits sålda av MagicVaporizers täcks av en tre års tillverkningsgaranti begränsat till normalt användande.

Ytterligare Information

Kan vaporizera Växtmaterial
Tillverkare Storz & Bickel
Storlek (längd x bredd x höjd) 20,3 x 20,3 x 17,8 cm
Vikt 1.200 g
Design Digit Silver
Kraftkälla Eluttag
Värmeelement Värmeblock av aluminium
Vaporleverans Forcerad luft - Ballongfyllnad
Tillverkningsland Tyskland
Garanti 3 år

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#1 (2, 3, 4 and 5)

This is not the number 1 vape, it is also number 2 3 4 and 5 ))) No but really, you cant find any better vape than this. So if you are looking at this one, don’t just look…buy…its really great!! Don’t be foolish and try to save some 200 euro on a cheaper one! I have dream about Volcano Digit for YEARS! First I said to myself I will buy the Volcano Classic, but then I went all in and I DON’T regret it!! A friend has a Classic and I try it every now and then but… No… This is the one !! The 1!!


I see that I am not the only one here going from a cheaper one like the Extreme Q to The King. And what can I say? If you can buy it do it. Dont think twice. Buy it! It’s the best vaporizer you can ever have. If you buy cheaper ones you will replace them after few years. This will be The King forever and you can keep it for many years to come. So instead of getting cheaper ones every 2 or 3 years. Buy this one and never look back…


I don’t really know why I am writing this ;) Everybody says the same thing and it is true! It’s the best vaporizer ever. Period. Dont be a fool by looking only at the price. Buy it and you will see

value for the daily user

el FiDEL
I've been saving for this Volcano Vaporizer for over a year now and it just arrived in the mail yesterday after only waiting 2 days for shipping. So kudos to MV for the fast service and making my vape dreams come true. This is truly an investment but I already know I will have it for 6,7,8+ years and never regret it. The balloons are a super cool way to get the vapor and even in the short time ive had it, its been really interesting to mess around with the temps and realize that you actually can change the density and aroma of the vapor just by changing the temp! I have realized I like thin vape and do it at 190C but I will keep playing around :) Very pleased. It was worth every euro and over a year of saving and patiently waiting.

The Stig

Volcano Professional
I had an extreme q for a long time and decided this time to go for the best since i know that vaporizing pays off by now. The Q is better value but if you can spend the money, just get the volcano and you wont be let down. The volcano vape is just a beast of a machine. The service with MVS was outstanding


I've had the opportunity to try volcano vaporizers in amsterdam (barneys!!) before so I knew this was the one I wanted to get, and as a dude whose been burning for over 5 years and going strong, I knew i wanted to get a vaporizer that would last at least that long. Ive read online that some people have their volcano for 10+ years, and if you break down the cost, its really just like buying an americano every day for a year, so its really not that bad, for a quality machine thats for sure to last.

I rarely ever burn anymore too because its just so wasteful compared to vaping.Hands down, one of the best purchases Ive made in the last year.

No question about it. #1

OK, set aside the price, and this is easily the best there is. The Arizer Extreme Q is a very good unit, too, and offers a little more versatility. (I'm a tinkerer, and there just isn't anything to tinker with on the Volcano, but I'm still studying). At any rate, the Volcano does it's primary job better than anything else on the market. It takes a while to heat up, but it's very stable and gives perfectly repeatable results time after time. The fan is kind of loud, but it only has to run for about 30 seconds. Get yourself an extra set-up of Solid Valve/Balloon combo, so you can always have one to use while cleaning/soaking the other. If you have visual difficulties, it might be hard for you to dis- and re-assemble the loading chamber screen, as it has the world's tiniest -- but finely engineered -- nut and washer. German engineering magic. All in all, the Volcano Digit is the walk-off winner. You have to be willing to invest some bucks in the system, but I think my Volcano will likely outlive me . .


I really love this product, I have owned this unit for about a year now and it still works like it is brand new.


I have tried less expensive vaporizer and either they didn't get hot enough to work properly or they broke after a few uses. I really wanted a aromatic experience so I gave in and bought the expensive volcano. I am happy to report it is worth every cent. It takes a little while to figure out how much aromatherapy blend to put in and when to tell if it is used up, but other than that it is GREAT! It is worth every penny.


Jonas T
The price is a little steep, but it's a good investment and a worthy purchase, the vapor is amazing.

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